Tertiary Education in Jamaica

Tertiary Education in Jamaica

Tertiary Education in Jamaica

Tertiary Education in Jamaica: Intro

Looking for universities in Jamaica that offer quality and accredited education? In Jamaica, there are over ten Universities that provide tertiary education (post-secondary education).

The University of the West Indies, The University of Technology, and Northern Caribbean University are some of the top-rated institutions that offer Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate Degrees in Jamaica.

Let’s take a tour through the beautiful island of Jamaica and discover all the universities that offer tertiary education.

Tertiary Education in Jamaica - CaribbeanTL
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Tertiary Education in Jamaica – CaribbeanTL.com

Education in Jamaica: Universities

The University of the West Indies (UWI)

The UWI Mona is Jamaica’s top university. It is recognized worldwide as the Caribbean’s leading tertiary institution. The university has two campuses. One is located in Kingston ( Mona), and the other in Montego Bay (Western Jamaica Campus).

The University of Technology (UTECH)

Utech is ranked as the second-best university on the island of Jamaica. It is in the parish of St. Andrew, near to the University of the West Indies. Practicality is the trademark of all the degrees offered at this institution.

Northern Caribbean University (NCU)

This tertiary institution is privately operated and owned by the Jamaica Union Conference and the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists. NCU has a main campus Mandeville, Manchester, and three other campuses in Kingston, Montego Bay, and St. Ann.

Mico University College (MICO)

This institution continues to soar to higher heights throughout the years and continues to offer exceptional education throughout the years. It is located in Kingston, Jamaica.

University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC)

This post-secondary institution has six campuses across the island of Jamaica. They are located in Kingston, Mandeville, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and May Pen. This university is also privately owned.

The International University of the Caribbean

This university was founded by the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. This university combines two academic units, The Institute of Theological and Leadership Development and the Mel Nathan College.

Edna Manley College

This college is famous for its visual and performing arts expertise. This college is located in Kingston.

College of Agriculture, Science, and Education (CASE)

This college specializes in accountability, innovativeness, and integrity. This educational institution is situated in Port Antonio, Jamaica.

Caribbean Maritime University

This institution is unique to the island of Jamaica and the entire Caribbean, as it serves as an exceptional University for maritime and logistics at the tertiary level. It is located on the Palisadoes Park, Norman Manley Highway, Kingston.

Shortwood Teacher’s College

The Government of Jamaica finances this college. This college offers varying programs that allow students to be equipped to teach at the Early and Secondary Level Education. This college is located in Kingston.

Sam Sharpe Teacher’s College

The university stands strong to its motto: “Service, Commitment and Excellence.” This institution began as a joint venture between the Government of Jamaica and the World Bank. It is located in Granville, St. James.

Bethlehem Moravian College

This college is owned and operated by the Moravian Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. It started as a female institution. In 1980 it started accepting male students. They are committed to upholding their motto, “My Care is for the Future.”

United Theological College of the West Indies

This college is known for its academic and spiritual excellence. This institution is religious-based as it offers top-level degree credentials for Pastors and Lay Evangelists. Six denominations own and operate this institution: Moravian, Anglican, Methodist, United, Lutheran, and Baptist.

Monegue College

This university guarantees the opportunity for success. They are located in St. Ann. In 2014 this college produced the highest performance in Undergraduate, Bachelors Education Programme.

Brown’s Town Community College

This institution is located in St. Ann. The second campus for this institution was launched at the site of the old Wesley College in 1993.

Saint Joseph’s Teachers College

This institution is owned and operated by Catholics. This institution is known for its excellence in teacher training in Kingston, Jamaica. Saint Joseph’s Teachers College is highly regarded as a veteran, standing tall for over 119 years.

Church Teacher’s College

Situated in the parish of Manchester, this college is known for training quality and qualified teachers.

Norman Manley Law School

The well-renowned and only institution in Jamaica to train and equip students to become licensed lawyers. The Norman Manley Law School is housed on The University of the West Indies campus. Students who have completed their studies at the Faculty of Law at UWI are unconditionally accepted to study at the Norman Manley Law School. Students who study law at UTECH or any other institution have to sit and competitively pass the entrance exam to be accepted to practice law at Norman Manley Law School.

Hyacinth Chen Nursing School

This college is a part of the Northern Caribbean University. It specifically trains and equips nurse students. This is the College of Natural and Applied Sciences, Allied Health and Nursing. The Seventh-day Adventist Church owns this school.

These institutions are sure to offer you the quality degree and experience you desire. It’s exciting to further your studies. The ability to choose from varying institutions is also an added benefit.

Enjoy your education journey on the beautiful island of Jamaica.

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