Insider Travel Tips for St. Lucia

Insider Travel Tips for St. Lucia

Insider Travel Tips for St. Lucia

St. Lucia, the number one honeymoon destination in the world for many beautiful and unique reasons. This Caribbean island steals the heart of all who reach her shores. St. Lucia is an island of majesty full of inspiration and adventure with the friendliest islanders you will ever meet. Here is a composed guide of insider tips to getting the most out of your St. Lucian vacation. You might also want to consider the Hurricane Seasons in the Caribbean.

Insider Travel Tips for St. Lucia: Arrival

The industry of travel and tourism has adopted many precautions to safeguard travelers and the local population of many beautiful destinations like St. Lucia. Before entering Fair Helen, some requirements need to be satisfied. These requirements can be reviewed at

The international airport is on the southernmost tip of the island. Verify the distance of your accommodation from the airport. Many of St. Lucia’s resorts and hotels are in the north of the island. This is about a 1-2 hour drive on the east coast highway, and a 2-3 hour drive on the west. The roads on both coasts are winding with eye-opening hairpin bends on sheer cliffs but the views are worth it. For those who easily get car sick and your booked resort is in the north of the island, consider taking a helicopter transfer. It’s a bit more costly than the taxi transfers but, a spectacular aerial view of the island awaits.

If you find yourself in need of a taxi, there is a taxi association kiosk outside the departure area. The taxi prices are controlled by the government and standard for all certified taxi drivers.

Don’t forget to take a restroom break at the airport and grab snacks and water for your transfer.

Insider Travel Tips for St. Lucia: Hotels, Villas & Resorts

St. Lucia has rubrics of accommodations to suit every preference. Are you planning to visit St. Lucia for quiet time with a significant other? There are splendid, secluded villas and hotels immaculately preserved on the West Coast of the Island. Many of them are blessed with astounding views of The Pitons with crisp breezes from the Caribbean Sea, perfect for romantic getaways. Airbnb is the best for locating these gem accommodations.

The West Coast of St. Lucia also offers many nature excursions and activities such as hiking, snorkeling, waterfalls, boat rides, and mud baths.

In the north of the island, most accommodations are concentrated in the district of Gros Islet, along the Caribbean Sea coastline. There is plenty to do in Rodney Bay, a town with many beaches, shopping centers, bars, and nightclubs. Luxury Villas and resorts in Cape Estate are just a 10-minute drive to Rodney Bay.

There are local craft-themed and specialty hotels like Hotel Chocolat, where your stay will be chocolate-themed, and you will learn how to hand-make chocolate from bean to bar.

No matter your purpose for visiting this beautiful island, there is a place for you!

Insider Travel Tips for St. Lucia: Dining & Bars

Where are the island vibes? Everywhere! If you’re looking for a local experience, you can find a local bar and or restaurant in almost every community in St. Lucia. Drinks and Food are significantly cheaper and taster where the locals eat. Pigeon Island and Reduit Beach have popular eateries and open bars for enjoyment while listening to the waves break on the beach.

Keebees is a Sports bar favored by travelers in Rodney Bay. There is never a dull moment when a favorite game is being watched with like-minded fans and local beer- Piton. Local delicacies and cuisine can be indulged for lunch at Ginnete’s Place in Monchy, Gros Islet. Don’t miss out on discovering the countryside bars, some locations have breathtaking views. If you are an adventurous foodie, try out the black pudding and BBQ lambi (conch) at Falcos Bar in Dennery.

The fishing village of Anse-la Raye hosts a fish fiesta every Friday evening where a variety of seafood is roasted on handmade clay coal pots and grills on the beachfront. The aroma of freshly cooked seafood will keep you coming back for more. The village of Dennery has a similar event on Saturday nights.

Insider Travel Tips for St. Lucia: Excursions

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Insider Travel Tips for St. Lucia –

Add these excursions to your St. Lucia vacation bucket list. This list of activities was carefully selected to encompass a bit of something for all types of travelers.

Gros Islet street party

The Gros Islet street party is one of St.Lucia’s most famous local party which has been happening religiously every Friday night except Good Friday (when the sale of alcohol is banned) for more than 50 years. Every Friday night from sundown, the residents of Gros Islet light up their grills with meat and seafood and ice down the beer & liquor in massive coolers. local DJs play out their impressive sound systems from their vehicles until the day breaks into Saturday.

Drive-in Volcanos & Mud baths:

St. Lucia boasts the only drive-in volcano in the world. Yes, that’s right, a drive-in volcano. Bring your swimsuit and extra towels to enjoy the mineral-rich mud baths of the Sulphur Springs that are said to take 10 years off your aging.

Snorkeling & Diving in the Caribbean Sea:

Take the opportunity to set your eyes on brilliantly colored coral reefs and their inhabitants on the southwest coast of the island with the Pitons (twin mountain peaks) as the backdrop. There are several sea-tour companies like Dive St. Lucia which can rent all the gear needed for this type of adventure. A catamaran and deep-sea fishing tour can also be considered for sea lovers.

Hiking The Pitons:

The Pitons are two old volcanic plugs situated uniquely together and covered with lush rainforest. Gros Piton & Petit Piton are UNESCO World Heritage sites and have been an allure to weary sailors since before Christopher Columbus. The best news is that one of the peaks (Gros Piton) can be hiked. The hiking trail commences in the District of Micoud. A guide is required and a USD$30 permit has to be paid. Book this excursion with All Trails.

Mamiku Gardens & Diamond Falls:

The Diamond Falls is situated on a six-acre, multi-award-winning tourism site called Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens. The area and the falls are described as attractive, alluring, and a peaceful retreat from the outside world. You will enjoy the sultry warmth of beautiful, tropical, and lush flora. The water of the Diamond Falls is very rich in minerals picked up from running through volcanic rocks. These minerals give the falls a colorful appearance that constantly changes depending on the mineral concentration in the water. The Diamond Falls have meandering walkways, well-maintained with signposts to direct a curious visitor.

ATV Tours:

Feed your adrenaline addiction with an ATV drive through St. Lucia’s rainforest. Following an ATV guide, get spectacular views of the nature trails through rural farming communities, plantations, and past historical sites. Book this thrilling excursion today with Viator.

Castries Vendors Craft Market:

Take a bit of the island with you! The aroma of the Castries craft market is an amalgamation of spices, freshly carved wood, and history. Each nick-nack, spice, and artisan rum carefully arrayed in colorful trays, awaiting a forever home from a curious visitor. The sound of vendor ladies chattering about and the natural cool air from the breeze moving through stacks of local clay pots is a perfect escape from the hot city sun. Book this trip with any taxi provider and bring us a souvenir!

St. Lucia has so much more to explore, book that plane ticket, and come to unveil her beauty…

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