Which is the most fun Caribbean Island?

Which is the most fun Caribbean Island?

Here is a compilation of islands with distinct advantages that could contend for the most fun Caribbean Island.

For decades, the Caribbean has been a haven to temporarily unwind from the havoc and routine synonymous with the metropolitan. Vacations or weekend getaways from all the things that raise our stress levels are priceless feats. Think of it as finally catching breath after a dive.

Bustling with over 7000 islands, picking a destination in the Caribbean is one big challenge. And whereas most islands are uninhabited and undeveloped, it is still taxing to select from the countless academic nirvana.

Often branded by the turquoise sea, fine white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, picking the most fun Caribbean destination from these blisses could still be just as tasking. It is all down to what experience you want to have on your getaway. Do you like small crowds or huge crowds, urban or rural? I have put together a list of islands with special advantages that could be taken as the most fun Caribbean Islands.

St. Lucia

Besides the beautiful beaches, St. Lucia bustles with many attractions inland to make for an assorted itinerary. The picturesque Island has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites to its name. The two volcanic plugs, Gros and Petit Pitons are equally breathtaking and deserve global recognition. Also, the lush jungles make for an exceptional nature walk.

The Island has many other activities to keep one occupied, such as snorkeling, kite-surfing, resort spas, diving, etc. St. Lucia strikes a perfect balance between authentic Caribbean beach experience and outdoor adventure, striking at the heart of outdoor enthusiasts looking for an all-around vacation experience. See our Insider Travel Tips for St. Lucia.

United States Virgin Islands

The three small islands, namely St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix, are United States territories. And, U.S citizens don’t have to carry their passports on their visits to these islands. Hence, perhaps, the reason why U.S mainland citizens mostly visit the islands. St Thomas is the most visited of the three islands due to its spectacular scenery.

At the highest point on St. Thomas, you can see St. John, the British Virgin Islands, and on a clear sunny day, Puerto Rico. St. john and St. Croix are just as endearing, with many natural attractions and cultural history. Also, St. Thomas is known for wild partying and loud music if you are up for something crazy.


Part of what makes Jamaica a top contender for the most fun Caribbean Island is its incredible diversity. Whether you seek a wild beach party or a tranquil beach laze with the family, Jamaica has you covered. Jamaica is a glorified Caribbean destination for its edifying folklore and lively reggae music.

Whether you laze on the secluded Treasure Beach or make a few friends in Montego Bay, your time in Jamaica will always be a memory. Also, the Island bustles with lush jungles, rocky sea cliffs, and powerful waterfalls for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition, Jamaica has so many lodging options to mollify your stay. These include Half Moon, Hotel Rui, Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall, and Jakes Resort.


Arguably the most famous in the Caribbean, the Bahamas has over 700 islands. The archipelago sits only 181 miles from Miami’s coast and is the most popular destination for U.S. citizens. So the islands offer myriad options if you seek a romantic trip with your better half or need to let off some steam with the lads.

How wild are the Bahamas? Let me put you a picture. Have you ever gone swimming with pigs? The trip to Exuma is odd but also adds to the mystique of the Bahamas. In addition, there is plenty for the history enthusiasts at the Pompey Museum and the 65-step Queen’s staircase.

Cayman Islands

If you are a stickler for order and a clean environment, then the trip to the Cayman Islands is one you definitely must make. Aside from the tranquil, pristine white sand beaches, the Island bustles with many lovely resorts and clear turquoise waters. It is almost sinister to visit the Cayman Islands and not go deep diving.

The soft sand makes for a beautiful beach hike as you trot the seven-mile coastline. Other activities include boat rides, snorkeling, and swimming with stingrays. And for the perfect hotel experience while on the Cayman Islands, visit the Ritz Grand Cayman.


For most U.S. citizens, the once rife political divide between Cuba and their homeland makes the Island an endearing feat. Cuba bustles with history and culture to make for a detailed itinerary. However, being the largest country in the Caribbean, a weekend getaway might not be enough to thoroughly scour Cuba’s rich heritage.

Most of the country’s visitors end up in the various capital Havana. However, if you love getting into bed early the next day, then the lively nightlife in Havana is one you must try out. Famous for their classic cars, large cigars, catchy music, salsa, and culinary diversity, you can never go wrong in picking Cuba as the most fun Caribbean Island.

Apart from Havana, many people say the most beautiful city of Cuba is Trinidad, but see yourself:


Part of the ABC (Aruba and Bonaire being the other two), Curacao is an off-the-beaten destination in the Caribbean. The Dutch colony is branded the Amsterdam of the Caribbean for its colorful colonial architecture that lines the waterfront. Sitting outside the hurricane belt and the balmy winds brushing the Island make for pleasant year-round weather.

The Island is arguably the best Caribbean destination if you want to indulge in watersports. So whether you seek a robust snorkeling experience or deep-sea diving with the family, Curacao has got you covered.

Puerto Rico

The Latino-speaking Island has the wits to satisfy the lazy beach bum, big-wave surfers and history enthusiasts in a weekend’s slog. Puerto Rico is a U.S territory, and U.S citizens can access the Island without carrying their passports. Besides the idyllic beaches, the Island bustles with many attractions such as mountains, casinos, agricultural estates, outdoor markets, and lively nightlife.

Rum and deep-toned reggaeton music, which captures even the most solemn of characters, is the highlight of nightlife in Puerto Rico.


The most fun Caribbean Island is a question that diverse groups can answer in several ways. Whether you seek wild revved parties, a quiet walk on the beach or a pulsating outdoor trip, the Caribbean abounds with endless possibilities.


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