Montserrat – The Smallest Caribbean Country

Montserrat – The Smallest Caribbean Country

Montserrat – The Smallest Caribbean Country

Introduction to Montserrat

The Caribbean sea is one of the most popular and largest seas in the whole world. The sea is one of the most beautiful places and is surrounded by several islands that are great spots for tourism. The islands are commonly known as the Caribbean and are of huge importance throughout history. The Caribbean islands are a mixture of both islands and countries. There are a total of 13 countries in the Caribbean islands.

However, we cannot deny the fact that the whole Caribbean is famous for its tourism and great spots to enjoy a great holiday. The most surprising fact is that you can visit the Caribbean at any time. Even if it’s Christmas, summer, winter, spring, or any special occasion, the Caribbean can be visited and enjoyed throughout the whole year.

The Caribbean countries are of different sizes and tropical variations depending upon their natural structure. The smallest country in the Caribbean is Montserrat. Interesting right? Let us have a look into it.

Montserrat: The Smallest Caribbean Country

Montserrat, the smallest known island in the Caribbean is one of the hot zones for tourism and cultural exploration. The island is under the protection of the British Throne and is overseen by them. the island is a part of Lesser Antilles in the indies. The island is not so big and depending upon its landscape is one of the smallest ones among the rest of them. Montserrat measures approximately 10 miles in terms of its length and 7 miles in width. The best part is its beaches that are loved by the tourists. The coastline measures about 25 miles so you can easily expect a long beach fun.

Montserrat - The Smallest Caribbean Island
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Montserrat – The Smallest Caribbean Country

The island is also known as the “Emerald Isle of the Caribbean”. This nickname was given upon its resemblance to Ireland and some of its residents having Irish ancestors. There are several great places to visit in Montserrat. Seems fun and Exciting right? You can easily plan a holiday trip there. Let us have a look at the best places to visit.

Best Places to visit in Montserrat

The place is full of locations to visit and explore the natural aspects and treasures of beauty. The northern side of the island is full of huge and mind-blowing peaks with greenish shin all over them. To the south lies the dark floor valleys that have been made naturally by volcanic eruptions. Let us name a few places that need to visit.

·        Soufriere Hills Volcano

One of the most famous spots in Montserrat that every tourist loves to see. The famous Soufriere Volcano erupted in 1995. The area is completely forbidden to be visited however with a registered guide you can still go there and take a few shots with your camera and if you are in luck, you can also see the movement of the dark pitched lava flowing.

·        Rendezvous Bay

Under the natural shade of towering cliffs, the natural beauty of Rendezvous Bey. The Bey is famous for its swimming and beach games. The hike to this part of the island is hectic and tiresome so the tourists often take boat rides to access this part of the island. The bey is sunny on the swim side so you should probably get extra food and water with lots of sun protection creams.

·        Centre Hills

Known for their natural greenery and is the habitat to most of the wild animals on the island. The Montserrat national bird is also found here which is an endangered species. Other than that, all 34 species of all kinds of birds are associated with the land. Moreover, you can also hear the migrating birds chirping in the spring making it one of the loveliest sights anyone can ever imagine. If you are a traveler and love the song of birds, then this is the thing for you.

Best hotels to stay in Montserrat (in Antigua to be honest)

The thing you going to need while visiting Montserrat is the place to stay and for that, you would need to look to Antigua. Due to the Vulcano eruption, there have been big damages. Hotels are rarely to be found in Montserrat at the moment. So we recommend looking in near Antigua and Nevis. From the location to the services being offered, everything counts. No worries folks we are going to get you all the options that you have for this matter.

Ø  Golden Rock Inn (Nevis)

Near to the coast of Montserrat, this hotel is one of a kind. Offering free Wi-Fi and parking services the golden rock inn hotel is close to almost every landmark that needs to be visited. The hotel room is cheap and can be afforded by almost everyone.

Ø  Keyonna Beach Resort

The resort close to the beach is an exciting place to make a stay for when you are trying to stay near the beach. From the balcony, you can easily get a great view of the ocean and the ravishing view of the northern side. The hotel also offers free Wi-Fi and parking making it a great experience.

Ø  South Coast Horizons

Situated near the south coast horizon is a little bit away from the mainlands. You can easily get to the mainline by taxi and enjoy your places. The place is cheap, and you can easily enjoy the luxuries in the hotel.

Ø  Hermitage Bay

Don’t miss the great intro movie! Close to the lodging side of the beach, this hotel offers luxuries and a high standard of living sense at the same time. Offering free Wi-Fi and parking this hotel is one of a kind. The hotel offers free parking and picks and drop service throughout the island. You can also get free lunch offers on the premium packages.

Planning a trip in Montserrat you need a real guide and proper planning to make the trip a memorable experience. For the best details about the Caribbean, you can go and check the content here at You can easily get a complete guide on how to plan your trip and what life in Montserrat is. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip and make the best of your vacations.


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