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The Caribbean is one of the world’s most popular cruise destinations. Not every Caribbean island has a cruise port, but the list is growing and cruise ships are stopping in more exotic island locations. There are a number of Caribbean cruise options that you’re able to choose. Most cruise lines offer Western and Eastern Caribbean itineraries. If you go with the big ships, you’ll typically see ports like St. Maarten, San Juan and Antigua, though smaller ships will get you into places like Saba and St. Barts.

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Crystal-clear waters, pristine white sand beaches, shopping and more are waiting at the ports of your Caribbean cruise. Check out these fantastic Caribbean Cruise Deals:

Our Caribbean islands are of the most beautiful in the world and cheap cruise deals make them ever more accessible. From the charm of St. Barts to the amusing mix of French and Dutch cultures in St. Maarten. Caribbean cruise ports provide some of the best island excursions, beaches, scuba and duty-free shopping possibilities around.

Every year, Caribbean cruise-lines provide thousands of vacationers with everything they’d expect in a grand hotel. The ships of the Caribbean will take you on an unforgettable getaway around the islands. Why is cruise travel insurance is important? Get a free quote plus advice and information for your trip.

Most Caribbean cruises range from 3 – 7 or 10 nights. Longer cruises often combine Caribbean port calls with stops in Mexico, Central or South America. Cruises can begin or end in the Caribbean as lines move ships to the Caribbean seasonally. Your budget is one factor in how long you cruise; another is how long you enjoy being at sea.

You can explore a Caribbean cruise port on your own or with a shore excursion booked with your cruise line. Some ports, like St. Maarten offer easy access to town and beaches, while others are remote and require ground transport. Group tours are available and can easily be arranged, but can be crowded. Some find planning their own island excursions more rewarding, as they get away from the touristy areas and experience the real island culture.

Another alternative is Caribbean sailing. Smaller Yachts offer greater planning flexibility in itinerary and a personal approach to leisure and pleasure. The Caribbean region is known worldwide for its near-perfect sailing conditions, the turquoise water is always warm and there’s always a treat waiting on the shores.

Many people also travel via yacht each year to the Caribbean to take part in annual races or simply enjoy the winter sailing season, but most of our visitors are content with sunbathing and gazing at the gorgeous scenery surrounding them.

From a romantic sunset cruise option to a fun filled day sailing trip, you’re able to choose your cruise and savour the freedom of the Caribbean.