Advertising at Caribbean Travel & Leisure, and our Network of Caribbean Travel Sites

Caribbean Travel & Leisure is able to help you reach a diverse audience tailored to your package needs through a range of our marketing tactics. Having launched in 2009, we’re able to promote your business to viewers around the Caribbean, the Americas, the United Kingdom and beyond all under one roof. Caribbean Travel & Leisure offers the right tools to target your customers and we’re able to adapt packages suited to your business’ needs.

For a fraction of the costs of a tiny magazine ad or a fleeting appearance on a mainstream travel site, you can spend months in front of travel consumers who are interested in finding the best that the Caribbean has to offer. Put a portion of your travel advertising budget to work here and you get targeted traffic, not just eyeballs. Caribbean Travel & Leisure receives more than 30,000 visitors.

Opportunities for Advertising

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Travel Trends

The study 'The Traveler's Road to Decision,' released by Google and OTX in 2009, provides valuable insight into online travel research and purchasing trends. Every area of travel was included in the study, including hotels, flights, business, leisure and more, with over 5,000 consumers, who traveled at least once during a six-month period, surveyed. The research indicates that consumers plan on traveling just as much in 2010, as in 2008 and 2009.

Travelers conduct their travel research via the Internet more than any other source. Logically, these consumers are checking reviews before making reservations. According to the Google and OTX study, 41% make leisure travel plans and 50% make business travel plans according to the reviews they read. Taking it one step further, more consumers are now submitting their own reviews to share with others. The study also found that travelers use travel search sites and online travel agencies when planning trips – with 52% using them for personal travel and 55% for business travel.

Caribbean Travel & Leisure speak to the needs of business travelers and emphasize the amenities and local attractions that leisure travelers seek!

Why Internet Advertising Works

  • Businesses reach an international audience immediately – the easiest, quickest and most responsive way for travel brands to influence internet users in their holiday decision making process is to advertise on line.
  • Communication can be direct to your customers, and feedback is fast – utilized in the right way.
  • Much cheaper when compared to print.
  • It stays constantly updated unlike print – as soon as you make a decision it can be updated on the internet.